Marina J. Bowman
Author, Adventurer, 
Discoverer of legends
About Marina

Marina Bowman is a writer and explorer who travels the world searching for wildly fantastical stories to share with her readers. Ever since she was a child, she has been fascinated with uncovering long lost secrets and chasing the mythical, magical, and supernatural. For her current story, Marina is investigating Pineapple Cove, a mysterious island located somewhere in the Atlantic.
Marina enjoys sailing, flying, and nearly all other forms of transportation. She never strays far from the ocean for long, as it brings her both inspiration and peace. She stays away from the spotlight to maintain privacy and ensure the more unpleasant secrets she uncovers don’t catch up with her.

As a matter of survival, Marina nearly always communicates with the public through her representative, Devin Cowick. Ms. Cowick is an entrepreneur who shares Marina’s passion for travel and creative storytelling and is the co-founder of Code Pineapple.
Marina’s last name is pronounced baʊmən, and rhymes with “now then.”
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Be brave, be curious and seek the truth...
~ Marina J. Bowman ~
Book 1: Poseidon's Storm Blaster
It's a funny story how Marina discovered the first part of the Legend of Pineapple Cove, Poseidon's Storm Blaster.

She was spelunking in the jungles of the Amazon in South America, exactly where she wouldn' say.  But she came across an ancient ship hanging amongst the vines of the Amazon.  On the ship is where she found the first clue in the legend - a weathered piece of parchment with the symbol of the Poseidon Storm Blaster on it.  Read the story to follow the two young adventurers in this legend. 
Book 2: A Mermaid's Promise
At the end of the parchment, was the second clue. A map of the Atlantic ocean with an "X" mark on it made of a rare glowing substance that only grows in underwater caves.  We won't go into the details of what Marina had to go through to get the second part of this legend, at least not right now.  But you can read what she found in the upcoming book "A Mermaid's Promise".
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